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We believe in the powers of Hydropower, Geothermal and Wind Energy, which have actually been leveraged by nations like Iceland and Norway for centuries. In fact, Norway is 95% powered by hydropower, and Iceland’s geothermal energy sources account for 66% of the region’s energy consumption. We are inspired by the innovation and determination of countries like these. Our goal is to bring their natural approach to energy generation to the rest of the world.

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Why Iceland for Green Crypto Mining?

While the rest of the world maintains its deadly dependence on fossil fuels for energy generation, Iceland has been paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future for centuries. For forward-thinking data centre operators in Iceland like ETIX Everywhere Borealis and AtNorth, moving ahead means moving back to basics – leveraging the raw power of the Earth itself to meet human demand for electricity. Famous as the most sustainable destination on the planet, much of Iceland operates entirely on geothermal energy and hydropower. At PEGA Mining, we are determined to get the rest of the world on board and following suit as soon as possible.


This leader in Nordic data centre services delivers carbon-efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-optimized hosting in Iceland. AtNorth operates multiple miners on behalf of PEGA Mining, with a sharp focus on the clean, renewable production of green energy.


ETIX Everywhere Borealis is devoted to paving the way towards a future where carbon-free energy and renewable power are the norms. Building and operating sustainable data centres from the heart of Iceland, ETIX hosts numerous cryptocurrency miners for PEGA Mining.

Why Norway for Green Crypto Mining

The Nordic region – hailed by many as “Bitcoin’s Green Haven” – is one of the most ideal locations on the planet for efficient green data centres. We have its icy-cold climate to thank for that. Norway has long established itself as a critical Northern European data centre hub that is widely dependent on hydropower among various other renewable energy sources. Norwegian power resources are crucial when it comes to ushering in the next phase of the cryptocurrency generation, an era where fossil fuels no longer have a place.


With a laser focus on hydropower and renewable energy sources, Hydrokraft facilitates widespread crypto mining operations across numerous locations from its 100MW facility. PEGA Mining is proud to have signed a colocation with Hydrokraft in North Norway, with 4,000+ ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) mining units managed.

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