The Future of Green Crypto Mining

Since we first opened our digital doors in 2020, PEGA Mining has been on a mission to evolve into the world’s largest, cleanest, and greenest crypto mining company on the face of the Earth. We are devoted to the sole use of green energy sources to generate the power needed to produce new cryptocurrency. This process typically demands an alarming reliance on fossil fuels.

We firmly believe that the widespread, international implementation of green crypto mining can be achieved at scale. However, we need the support of the masses to reach our goals, starting with the global crypto mining community.

Powering Technology Through Sustainability

While most mining firms operate in Chinese-based facilitates through coal divisions, we are proudly based in Dorset, UK, ushering in a new crypto mining concept using mother nature’s oldest resources: Hydropower and geothermal energy. We have chosen Iceland and Norway as the epicentres of our private data centres, and we have already established three colocations with some of the most reputable and forward-thinking data centre hubs on the planet

Naturally Cooling the System

Leveraging cold temperatures through our partnership with the aforementioned brazen innovators, we are trailblazing the crypto mining sector by bringing down the heat in some of the coldest regions on Earth. Here, hydropower and geothermal energy have kept the lights on across much of these countries for centuries.

When it comes to crypto mining rigs, cold climates are crucial in preventing overheating while supporting lower running costs and drastically reduced energy consumption. Overall, we have chosen to be part of the solution – not the problem – when it comes to leaving a cleaner, greener world behind. Future generations should not have to clean up a mess they didn’t make, which is why we’re giving them a head start.

On-Site Performance

Our facility’s integrated performance monitoring and repair system is up and running 24/7, 365 days a year – and 366 in a leap year. The cogs can never stop turning if we want to power the next generation of green crypto mining. This is also why our technicians are on duty around the clock, ensuring the uncompromised operation and safety of our miners.

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